Find simple, easy-to-follow recipes with tips on how to source sustainable fish and seafood in everything you love to eat and all the dishes you want to try. I have recipes for tried-and-true classics, trendy dishes and more. You will be cooking up something delicious from your Sea Pantry in no time!


Recipe: Dulse-Wrapped Scallops

Love bacon-wrapped scallops? Try DULSE-wrapped scallops! The “bacon” of the sea, dulse is meaty and smoky—making it an unbelievably delicious wrap for those scrumptious bivalve mollusks.

Butter-Baked Kelp Sliders

These sliders have it ALL: juicy kelp burgers, irresistibly gooey Swiss cheese, soft sweet rolls with a savory butter drizzled over top.

Recipe: Smoked Trout & Seaweed Butter Board

I just had to jump on the butter board bandwagon…but with a Blue Foods spin!

“Blue Foods Bowl” with Crab Cakes, Brown Rice, Whole Kelp, and Kelp Puree

I love making yummy crab cakes and pairing them with a wholesome grain like brown rice, greens or veggies like kale, and a drizzle of a kelp puree—a staple in the Sea Pantry. It’s the perfect blue foods power bowl for lunch or dinner and is surprisingly simple to make!

Seaweed Caviar on Pressed Puffed Pastry with Crème Fraiche

When Top Chef Star Michelle Minori introduced me to seaweed caviar, I was blown away. One of my favorite ways to enjoy regular caviar is on a puffed pastry with crème fraiche, and I saw no reason not to try the seaweed caviar this way. And truly, it was just as good!

Recipe: Seaweed, Leek, and Brioche Stuffing

While seaweed may seem like an unusual choice for stuffing, I am really loving the umami it adds. And for any custard-recipe, sea greens can provide an extra depth of flavor!

Recipe: Sea Pantry Mezze Platter

“Mezze” is a style of dining that’s very popular in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Although it’s similar to tapas or a charcuterie board, it can actually serve as an ENTIRE meal by featuring a mix of hot and cold items, including both veggies and meats. As a seafood lover, of course, I had to create a SEA PANTRY Mezze Platter!

Recipe: Seacuterie with Irish Soda Bread

I learned to make Irish soda bread while at Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland — and this is one of the easiest breads to make! It’s the perfect yummy centerpiece for a gorgeous Seacuterie Board.

Recipe: Shrimp & Avocado Ceviche with Kelp Puree

This easy-breezy shrimp ceviche recipe is the best dish for the end of summer. Cool, light, and refreshing, it is made with just a few simple, ocean-friendly ingredients creating a flavor explosion for your tastebuds.

Recipe: Seaweed Coleslaw

If you're looking for a refreshing, flavorful side dish, look no further! This fun, flavorful seaweed coleslaw takes inspiration from the flavors of traditional Thai papaya salad, while incorporating seaweed.

Recipe: Asparagus and Edible Seawort Tart with Gruyere

Have you dove into cooking with SEA VEGETABLES? Start with using sea wort - also known as "sea asparagus" - in this cheesy, buttery savory tart.

Recipe: Plant-Based “Shrimp” Rice Paper Wraps

Whenever I want a lunch or dinner that’s quick, light, and healthy, Rice Paper Wraps with fish or shrimp is my go-to. Since I just tried The Plant Based Seafood Co’s “shrimp” for the first time, I thought it’d be fun to use those, chop up some raw veggies, add in fresh noodles, and wrap up my rolls!  

Recipe: Black Bean Nachos with Salmon Chips & Kelp Salsa

When it comes to loading up a tray of nachos, the secret to success is having a great “template” to play with, rather than an exact recipe. This version can be broken down into three essential parts: the fish chips & tortilla chips, beans, and amazing salsa kelp toppings. The sustainably-sourced fish chips & kelp salsas are the key to turning this fun Game Day party snack into a delicious dish that is contributive to our oceans!

Recipe: Kelp Guacamole with Poached Shrimp & Kelp Chips

Even when it comes to Game Day grub, we can add elements of our Sea Pantry. I’m sharing a favorite combination of mine – shrimp and guacamole, while also featuring the addition of two very important ingredients starring kelp!

How to Make a Beautiful Seacuterie Board

Far more than a bunch of seafood items on a plate, the growing move towards Seacuterie Boards is a culinary choose-your-own-adventure journey. Imagine the savory, sustainable goodness that is part of this board: beautiful smoked fish, conservas, tangy kelp pickles, roasted vegetables, olives, cheeses, fruits, and your own personal culinary favorites.

Recipe: Mustard Sauce for Stone Crab

A Christmas Eve tradition in my family is cracking open stone crabs and enjoying them with a delicious mustard sauce – I’m already looking forward to having them again next year! I wanted to share my family’s famous mustard sauce recipe, if you’d like to take up this holiday tradition or try it any other day of the year – it would be just as fantastic in the summertime.

Recipe: Holiday Spinach & Crab Dip

A great dip makes everyone happy, and a great CRAB DIP...well, need I say more? If I need a festive, crowd-pleasing dish for a party, this substantial snack is also a winner. It comes together quickly, can be heated before I leave the house, and is delicious served both cold or at room temperature if it has to sit for any length of time, making it truly ideal for gatherings.

Recipe: Sea Tales Tuna Cakes with Curry Lime Mayonnaise

This Tuna Cake recipe will probably remind you of something your grandmother would make, but with some zest, kick, and curry!

Recipe: Traditional Yeasted Blini and Caviar

These blini (Russian pancakes) are good enough to eat any time of the day and with a variety of condiments and toppings – including sustainable caviar!

Recipe: Blistered Tomato and Seaweed with Ricotta

This dish for ricotta and tomato lovers combines my favorite flavors of summer with beautiful wakame from our Sea Pantry. I love using a whole sheep’s milk ricotta that is rich and full of flavor, like Bellwether Farms’ ricotta. The strips of Ocean’s Balance Wakame Seaweed integrated into this dip also really make it shine!

Recipe: Tinned Smoked Salmon and Caper Dip

Having flavorful tinned seafood in our sea pantry can be the difference between a dull salad (or a basic tuna on toast) and a delicious, crave-worthy meal or snack. I love using tinned smoked salmon to make this incredibly quick and easy dip that truly brings out the citrus and briny notes in the fish. It goes with everything from crackers to toast rounds to veggies!

Recipe: Crab Fritters with Green “Sea” Goddess Dressing & Chipotle Mayo

For these fantastic fritters, I used pasteurized, frozen Blue Crab caught in Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay with trotlines (a domestic crab that is considered a “Best Choice” by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program). I love to pair them with a Chipotle Mayo and a Green Goddess "from the Sea" dressing featuring kelp leaves and sustainable anchovies!

Recipe: Grilled Cajun Shrimp with Corn & Cumin Butter

A summer favorite of mine, this Cajun marinade of garlic, lemon, paprika, cayenne, cumin, and thyme PACKS the shrimp with flavor. I love to pair it with grilled corn dusted with cumin and chili powder butter – delicious!
Waffles and Caviar

2 Caviar Recipes: Tater Tot Waffles with Creme Fraiche | Classic Deviled Eggs with Summer Flowers

Caviar is an ancient delicacy first enjoyed in the early 13th century. I love to treat myself to ethically-farmed caviar, especially with the two recipes I'm about to share!

Recipe: Hawaiian-Style Garlic Butter Shrimp with Pineapple

This Hawaiian-Style Garlic Butter Shrimp with Pineapple is a wonderful way to treat your tastebuds and pay homage to the incredible flavors of Hawaii. 

Recipe: Shrimp & Salmon Jar Salad 

Meal prepping during the warm months? A deliciously refreshing seafood jar salad is one of my go-to's!

Recipe: Teriyaki Salmon Planks

Who doesn’t LOVE teriyaki salmon? Not only is this classic dish full of flavor, but it’s EASY to make—perfect for a weeknight dinner or meal prepping lunches!

My Grandmother’s Gefilte Fish Recipe

Passover has always been a holiday close to my heart. I love making my grandmother’s matzo ball soup and enjoying my mother’s roasted game hens with apricot matzo stuffing. But one tradition that I swore I would never take on was making my grandmother’s gefilte fish—until now!

Trout with Caper and Lemon Butter Sauce

One of my FAVORITE fish in the world is a farm-raised fish out of Idaho—Riverence Trout. I sear this special fish on the griddle and then simmer it in a lemon garlic caper sauce to finish!

Recipe: Seaweed-Crusted Steelhead Trout

Looking for a quick dish that contains not one but TWO blue foods? Look no further than this simply scrumptious Seaweed-Crusted Steelhead Trout served with seared squash and a salad of arugula, fresh figs, and goat cheese.

White Fish: The Wise Choice for Weeknight Dinners

To celebrate my new kitchen while getting something quickly onto the table, I opted for a fresh California halibut. Halibut (and other types of whitefish) are fantastic for fast stovetop cooking!

Tips for a Sustainable Seafood Boil

In a world where we enjoy over 3,000 kinds of blue foods and over 6,000 types of plants, what we know as the seafood boil has literally been “boiled down” to only a handful of ingredients. While sometimes simple really is better, in my mind, it’s fantastic to have diversity in your seafood boil!

Spring Seafood Pot of Wonder

You can make this “Blue Foods” pot with just about any type of seafood! Simply combine your favorite finfish, shellfish, seaweeds, and local spring veggies & herbs and watch them come together in the most magical of ways in your kitchen.

Recipe: Artichoke Frittata with Kelp Chutney

Looking for a nutrient-dense meal that’s delicious any time of day? Give this Frittata with Green Chutney and Artichokes a try! It’s delicately spicy, amazingly versatile, and includes a very special ingredient: kelp puree. Your taste buds–and the ocean–will thank you.

Crusty Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Kelp Zhoug

Who doesn’t love to pull apart a cheesy grilled cheese sandwich crafted with crusty bread? If you add a kelp Zhoug, it’ll bring your sandwich up another notch on the “yum” scale! 

Yellowtail Thai Green Curry

If you order a Thai Green Curry at a restaurant, chances are you’ll have the option of getting it with a meat like chicken or pork or possibly shrimp (also a yummy option), but I LOVE a curry with a beautiful FISH. I was craving a warm bowl with Thai flavors, so I made one at home and added in yellowtail loins—an essential fish in my freezer “Sea Pantry.”

Sea Vegetable Salad with Buttered Shallots, Spinach, and Seared Crispy Salmon

Sea vegetables are a true superfood when it comes to the nutrients they contain. For this dish, I paired saltwort (also known as "sea beans") with an immunity-boosting salmon fillet for a vibrant powerhouse of a lunch/dinner recipe.

Recipe: Cedar Planked Salmon with Roasted Beet Salad

I could sing the praises of cedar planks all day long. Grilling a fish like Kvaroy Arctic salmon atop this wood is one of the easiest techniques to infuse the fish with a lovely smoky flavor, while keeping it nice and tender on the inside. And it’s perfect when paired with a roasted beet salad with feta!

Recipe: Stuffed Artichokes with Plant-Based Sea Scallop Panzanella

It’s always such a delight when artichokes are in season during the fall and again come spring. They’re always delicious prepared the traditional way, steamed, but with this recipe, I decided to turn the yum-factor up a notch by preparing them that way, then using them as a vessel for an incredibly flavorful panzanella salad with plant-based scallops!

Recipe: Yellowtail Banh Mi Sandwiches

Let’s do a seafood spin on the traditional Banh Mi sandwiches! A street food with roots in Saigon, these sandwiches are a fun fusion of French and Vietnamese cuisine that combine a beautifully crispy, short baguette with cucumber, daikon, chiles, pickled carrots, mayo, and marinated pork, paté, or chicken. But the moment I tried The Kingfish Company’s Dutch Yellowtail, I knew I wanted to feature them in a Banh Mi!

Recipe: Poached Shrimp Pizza with Seaweed Basil Pesto

I love topping my pizzas with beautifully poached Fair Trade shrimp, Seaweed Pesto, and handfuls of superfood greens for a crave-worthy AND wholesome dinner.

Smoked Albacore Tuna & Farro Salad

What do you have for dinner when it’s hot out and you don’t want to be anywhere near an oven or flame? My go-to is a farro squash salad, dressed in a lemon basil vinaigrette, and then topped with a beautiful smoked canned fish—like Fishwife’s Albacore Tuna!

Recipe: Yellowtail Tacos with Cilantro Coleslaw

In my house, Taco Tuesday isn’t complete without fish tacos! Even though golden tortillas brimming with freshly-caught fish typically brings summertime to mind, the great thing about this recipe made with Dutch Yellowtail is that it can actually be made year-round!

Recipe: Akua Burger Thai Basil Summer Bowl with Jasmine Rice

Who else loves a power bowl packed with a craveworthy protein, fresh veggies, and grains? I decided to make one with Akua's KELP burger patties from my Sea Pantry.

Recipe: Seaweed & Lemon Brined Fried Chicken

Allow me to introduce you to SEAWEED FRIED CHICKEN! Incorporate the seaweed into the brine, plus as a garnish at the end.

Recipe: Pesto Crusted Salmon with Sauteed Spinach & Kelp Arrabbiata Sauce

I love this meal and am deeming it a SEA PANTRY CLASSIC because you can have the star ingredients—salmon and pasta sauce—stocked in your freezer and cabinets and make it anytime you like!

Recipe: Smoked Rainbow Trout & Avocado Sandwich

Conservas are a Sea Pantry staple, and those made by Fishwife —a fantastic sustainable tinned seafood company started during the pandemic—are absolutely fantastic! The fish used in their tinned Smoked Rainbow Trout are from Riverence, a sustainable fishery in Idaho that I LOVE! Here, I used them to upgrade the classic tuna sandwich.

Seared Alaskan Halibut with Pea Puree and Pesto over Focaccia

It’s the season for bright greens and sweet English peas! And in Alaska, it’s halibut season too. Celebrate these ingredients with a light, flavorful Alaskan Halibut with Pea Puree and Pesto over Focaccia.

Roasted Pacifico Striped Bass with Kelp Chimichurri and Blistered Tomatoes

Break out the grill for this delicious striped bass recipe with a vibrant chimichurri sauce featuring kelp! I was honored to develop this recipe as a “Seal-Approved,” Ocean-Friendly meal for the Marine Mammal Center that helps guide families in cooking sustainable seafood meals.

Recipe: Hot Smoked Salmon Rolls with Capers and Mayo

These Hot Smoked Salmon Rolls with Capers and Mayo are inspired by classic Lobster Rolls, but these can come straight from your Sea Pantry, making them perfect for any time of year!

Salmon Burgers on English Muffins with Kelp Lime Sauce

Keeping salmon burgers and kelp puree stocked in your Sea Pantry, plus a dozen of Model Bakery's incredible English Muffins stashed in the freezer, make this an effortless, climate-friendly lunch or dinner that will WOW your taste buds!

Recipe: Caesar Salad with Lemon & Herb Butter Cod

Caesar Salad is a classic that makes an amazing main dish, especially when served with a simple-to-make, sustainable, wild-caught cod from My Fish Dish. This recipe features homemade Caesar dressing and garlicky kelp croutons that make it extra delicious!

Plant-Based Lobster Cake Sandwiches with Mustard Jalapeño Sauce

Sandwich Plant Based Seafood Co's Lobster Crab Cakes between brioche bun halves and top with homemade Mustard Jalapeño sauce for an easy and delicious “seafood” dinner. Serve with a hearty helping of coleslaw and kettle chips!

Recipe: Steamed Fresh Fish with Hollandaise and Steamed Potatoes

This simple, but decadent recipe for Steamed Fresh Fish with Hollandaise and Steamed Potatoes is perfect for spring holidays like Easter. You can use pretty much any sustainable, local, in-season flaky white fish!

Recipe: “Taste of Ballymaloe” Fish and Crisps

For a taste of Ballymaloe and Ireland’s fantastic seafood culture, make your own fish and crisps at home. When dipped and fried in a Guinness batter, it will truly whisk you to the Emerald Isle.

Recipe: Tuscan Kelp Burger with Pesto Mayo

Eating kelp is a contributive action, and AKUA's new plant-based kelp burger is a delicious way to do it! It's extra tasty crisped up in a pan, served with melted mozzarella and an addictive homemade Kelp Pesto Mayonnaise.

Recipe: Fair Trade Seared Scallops with Yellow Curry and Brown Rice

Seared Fair Trade Scallops are the star of this flavorful, veggie-packed Yellow Curry and Brown Rice.

Recipe: Peperonata Pasta with Cherry Tomatoes and Sustainable Peconic Escargot

Sustainably grown snails are my latest Sea Pantry obsession thanks to Peconic Escargot. Even skeptics will love them in this herby, cheesy Pepperonata Pasta!

Recipe: Gram’s Slow Cooker Turkey Bean Soup

It's soup season! Did you know you just about any homemade soup can easily be fortified with seaweed? This is my grandma's cozy, comforting slow cooker turkey bean soup recipe, made even better by letting it cook for hours with seaweed.

Recipe: Zinfandel Beef Stew with Seaweed Preserved Lemon Gremolata

This stew is a cozy, one-pot meal that you can let simmer for hours before dinnertime. I update my dad's beloved beef stew recipe with a bright preserved lemon & seaweed gremolata that brings nutrients, brininess, and umami goodness to an otherwise rich dish!

Recipe: Smoked Salmon Panini with Caper Cream Cheese and Arugula

I love taking all of the delicious ingredients I’d use for lox & bagels and transforming them into a SMOKED SALMON PANINI! Press with ciabatta, caper cream cheese, vinaigrette-marinated onions, and arugula, and you’ll have that crispy, hearty panini that is sure to please everyone around the table.

Recipe: Shrimp & Pesto Pasta

Shrimp & Pesto Pasta is one of those go-to comfort dishes that never disappoints. This make-ahead dish for the holidays (or any day really) is easily put together with a homemade or store-bought pesto!

Recipe: Glazed Scallops with Cumin Butter Leaf Salad

This recipe stars seared scallops atop a butter leaf salad with tomatoes, drizzled with a beautiful glaze of Kalamata olives, toasted cumin, roasted bell peppers, capers, red wine vinegar, and mustard!

Recipe: Baked Basil Kelp Penne Pasta with Tomatoes

Ready to try KELP PASTA? I paired this yummy seaweed penne with salmon hot dogs to make a comforting BAKED PASTA. After adding basil, parsley, tomatoes, garlic, onions, ricotta, and Parmigiano Reggiano, you’ll have the most beautifully creamy, warm dish to get you through fall & winter!

Recipe: Baked Whole Fish with Tomato Tartare

Baking and serving a WHOLE fish not only results in a succulent dish – it also makes for a beautiful presentation for your guests this holiday season (or your loved ones at home, if you’re doing a small celebration with only your household).

Recipe: Traditional Spanish Paella with Tinned Seafood

I wanted to take a traditional paella, make it with local sausage and Valencia or Bamba rice, and then layer in a beautiful array of tinned seafood like cod, mackerel, geoduck, and sea bass. This “Sea Pantry” spin on a Spanish staple will please the entire family!

Recipe: Seaweed Pasta with White Clam Sauce & Parsley

I like to keep canned clams and dry seaweed pasta in the pantry for a dinner that can be on the table in minutes! For this recipe, you’ll create a beautiful clam sauce with garlic, thyme, parsley and then pour the sauce over a kelp pasta.

Recipe: Yellowfin Tuna Skewers with Curry Sauce and Maple Glazed Butternut Squash

For this grilled tuna kabob, I used a sustainable, wild-caught yellowfin tuna, but you can also use albacore from a sustainable fishery! You’ll first prep the fish in a wet marinade composed of soy sauce, cumin, olive oil, and fresh lime juice so that it’s full in flavor. After cooking the kabobs on a grill pan or outside on the grill if the weather is nice, serve your tuna skewers with a creamy curry sauce on top of a beautiful, sauteed maple glazed butternut squash – you can cut the squash into fun noodles or cubes!

Recipe: Provencal Style Cod with Cannellini Beans and Tomato

I really do believe that frozen fish is the new “fresh!” With advanced freezing techniques, you can always have beautiful fish on hand, ready to go, that tastes just as delicious as fresh fish. This Provencal style cod is one of my go-to dishes because it’s incredibly simple and features vibrant wholesome ingredients like herbs, bell pepper, and tomato!

Recipe: Tinned Cockles & Black Rice with Salsa di Pomodoro

I feel like there’s almost nothing like cockles – a type of small shellfish that are absolutely stunning. Cockles farmed worldwide with off-bottom cultures are a "Best Choice” or Green from Seafood Watch. I picked my cockles up at Caputo’s Market and Deli (they have other great tinned seafood too!) and layered them on top of a gorgeous black rice with salsa di pomodoro. Between the pancetta, the mushrooms, and cockles in this dish, we get a lot of meatiness. I loved topping everything off with a Spanish aioli for a touch of richness, along with rosemary and parsley – DELICIOUS.

Recipe: Tinned Scallops and Pesto Pasta

The brightness and color of this pasta with the meatiness of the scallop cannot be beat. You might want to add fresh greens or arugula to toss in the pasta to add texture and dimension. This can be made with tinned scallops or even sautéed ones that have been thawed from your freezer “pantry”!

Recipe: Roasted Vegetable & Seaweed Tacos

Filled with a wonderful mixture of vegetables, seaweed, and spices, these roasted sea vegetable tacos can be made with fresh roasted vegetables or even leftover ones. You can add traditional cheeses like queso coqueta, anejo or queso blanco to top them off!

Recipe: Fresh Crab & Seaweed Tacos

My favorite meals are made with simple, fresh ingredients. When the ingredients are the stars of the recipe, you don’t have to do a lot to make it good. This light citrus salsa with cucumbers and tomatoes really brings out the brightness of the crab for these fab tacos.

Recipe: Classic Salmon Tacos with Salsa & Kelp Lime Mayonnaise

Creating a great fish taco has been the envy of many cooks, but it’s actually quite simple! Start out with a beautiful fillet (one of my absolute favorites is Kvaroy Arctic's sustainably-raised salmon from the Arctic Circle), bread it cold, and fry it just before you’re ready to place it into the taco shell. Serve this with your favorite coleslaw and the kelp lime mayonnaise for a perfect finish.

Recipe: Traditional Native American Baked Beans of the Northeast (with Kombu!)

Native Americans were simmering beans in kombu long before Europeans ever arrived, utilizing this special vegetable of the sea for its salt properties and nutrition.

Holiday Cut Out Cookies with Cream Cheese Seaweed Frosting

For those of you who love cookies AND “test kitchen” type experiments, you might be interested in my adventure in making SEAWEED FROSTING.

Mixed Berry & Seaweed Lemon Curd on Shortbread Tart

The hidden ingredient behind this berry and lemon curd tart? A simple layer of chopped seaweed, fresh or rehydrated! Trust me on this—it’s really good.

Recipe: Dulse Seaweed Chocolate Bouchons

If you or your Valentines has a sweet tooth, you’ll love these decadent chocolate bouchons. These tasty treats have a secret ingredient: dulse, a red seaweed that adds powerful nutrients and an irresistible hint of umami!

Recipe: Winter Babka with Cinnamon and Dulse

For so many years, my dad has been OBSESSED with babka. Here’s my take on this traditional twist bread. Baked with chocolate, cinnamon, and the lovely “chocolate-y” seaweed called DULSE, it would make my Jewish grandmother proud.

Recipe: Wakame Mixed Berry Galette

It may sound like an unusual combination, but I’ve fallen in love with how a healthy sprinkle of seaweed deepens the sweetness and flavor of fruit! For this galette, I turned to my Sea Pantry for some Oceans Balance Wakame Flakes and added them to the crust, the filling, and as a garnish at the end.

Recipe: Sea Kelp Madeleines with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

If you’re a fan of madeleines, you need to try SEA KELP MADELEINES. These have all the fluffy yumminess of regular chocolate madeleines, but with the added benefits of kelp, which are a true multivitamin from the ocean. I love adding them as a layer in a parfait, but eating the madeleines on their own with coffee or tea is also delicious anytime of the day – especially in fall & winter.

Recipe: Chocolate Chip Mousse Kelp Brownies

My mom used to make me Nestle chocolate mousse brownies when I was young, and this recipe is inspired by those. The addition of the sustainable seaweed adds richness to the brownies in a way that the cocoa cannot! In this recipe, I use dulse, a crimson-colored seaweed that tastes a bit fruity and salty – SO yummy!
Chocolate Ice Cream Roll Kelp Cake

Recipe: Chocolate Ice Cream Roll Kelp Cake

Here is a classic example of a sponge cake, but made with seaweed! Fill this egg-rich chocolate roll with your favorite ice cream.

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