Concept to Harvest

I work as a strategy consultant to those hoping to be or currently engaged in sustainable, ethical aquaculture. I assist by stepping into complex situations and developing cogent, coherent plans of action that help farms achieve success. Each strategy consulting project is unique and individual. But the goal is the same: best-in-class farming meets business solutions, leading to market success.

Consulting Concept to Harvest
Consulting Sustainable Seafood

My Process

The first step is a business analysis. Usually this takes place in a one day white-boarding session with company leaders. This allows me to get to know the specific needs of the company which is often different than what was originally proposed. It’s a way for me to be sure that my work is focused within the context of what the farm needs to do, not just on what the leaders are trying to do. 

Once the layers have been peeled back, I will propose where my support will be most effective. I have built an entire company for U.S. distribution from the ground up. I have also created more powerful messaging tools to amplify the efforts of Fair Trade Seafood. I have built brands from scratch and brought them to market success, such as Kvarøy Arctic, a case in which exceptional work was being done on the water with a species that could have good market penetration. I have brought brands to market with difficult species such as Pacifico Striped Bass. Whether by the hour or by the project, I want to support great people doing their best work – companies and individuals who are collaborative, passionate, motivated, and bring that to their work on the water!

Jennifer Bushman

I created The No Show Fish Show, where we could come together and share our news and ideas on how to pivot during the early days of the pandemic.

Covid-19 has reshaped almost every element of life, from the way we do business to the manner in which we communicate. In the wake of Seafood Expo North America’s cancellation, I created The No Show Fish Show, an online forum for farmers, fishers, retailers, chefs, and others where we could come together and share our news and ideas on how to pivot during the early days of the pandemic. With Kvaroy Arctic, a best-in-class salmon farm, we transformed the sales and marketing strategy, holding virtual farm tours and creating online panels and cooking demos with nutritionists, athletes, and social media influencers.

Above all, we worked to donate thousands of pounds of fish to underserved communities and food banks during this critical time, combatting nutritional injustice and bringing nutritious seafood to the tables of those who needed it the most.

I want to support great people
doing their best work.




is a third-generation family owned farm in the Arctic circle raising one of the world’s most sustainable Atlantic Salmon


Fair Trade Seafood is a program driven by both the need for investment in community, while harvesting or raising the most sustainable fish and seafood.


raises native white sturgeon in the Sacramento Valley and are single handily responsible for saving this important local fish.


An epic event that was planned to create an intersect between the fashion and food community in an effort to inspire designers to create more sustainable fashion.

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