Far more than a bunch of seafood items on a plate, the growing move towards Seacuterie Boards is a culinary choose-your-own-adventure journey. Imagine the savory, sustainable goodness that is part of this board: beautiful smoked fish, conservas, tangy kelp pickles, roasted vegetables, olives, cheeses, fruits, and your own personal culinary favorites. 

Seacuterie can serve as a starter, shine as the centerpiece at a casual afternoon picnic in the backyard, or be the start of a lovely, tasty evening. 

The wonderful thing about a Seacuterie board is that it’s really versatile. It’s important to mix and match flavors and textures! You can focus on seafood from a particular region of the world, add vegan options like sea vegetables, or even bring in meat options to please everyone’s palate. 

Finally, think about the color and surfaces that you serve on. You can turn a countertop into a beautiful board by simply using parchment paper underneath your ingredients. I also happen to love a combination of pottery and wood! The color of the foods also play an important role, so try to add items to brighten up the overall look of the board with garnishes that give the board a bit of pop.

Here are my tips to creating a successful, interesting board that’s incredibly delicious:

Foods that are sliced:

Foods that are whole:

  • Half rounds of soft cheese
  • Smoked fillets of white fish
  • Cornichons
  • Grapes
  • Marinated white beans

Foods that can be spread:


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