“Mezze” is a fun style of dining that’s very popular in the Mediterranean and the Middle East. Although it’s similar to tapas or a charcuterie board, it can actually serve as an ENTIRE meal by featuring a mix of hot and cold items, including both veggies and meats. 

As a seafood lover, of course, I had to create a SEA PANTRY Mezze Platter! 

It’s not hard to put together the perfect Mediterranean mezze platter with dips like hummus or baba ganoush, along with fresh veggies and other Mediterranean favorites with your favorite sustainable items from the sea — I added Kvaroy Arctic’s salmon patties to make this platter both filling and immunity-boosting (thanks to all the omega-3s in the fish).

So next time you’re having a gathering or planning a family meal, try this for something different and delightful! 

Serves 6

  • Kvaroy Arctic Salmon Burgers, sauteed until crispy
  • 4 falafel, sauteed or baked until crispy
  • 6 multi-colored mini-peppers, washed and dried
  • 2 cups pea sprouts, cleaned and dried.
  • 6 roasted baby carrots
  • 12 stalks of asparagus, tossed in olive oil and broiled
  • 6 English cucumber, cut into wedges
  • 1 cup Greek olives
  • 1 cup hummus
  • 1 cup chimichurri
  • 1 cup roasted eggplant puree
  • 6 grilled pita

Assemble the ingredients on a large serving platter or a wooden board. Place the hummus, chimichurri, and the eggplant puree in separate dishes. Serve with the pita on the side!

You can cover and refrigerate this mezze party platter; take it out 20 minutes before you are ready to serve. Enjoy with warm pita and crostini or your choice of crackers!

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