It’s easy to stick to seafood staples like salmon, tuna, and shrimp, but there are SO many other alternatives to this popular trio that are also super delicious and sustainable. 

Plus, eating a variety of blue foods helps you get a mix of nutrients like antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins while staying out of a seafood rut. 

So try one of these blue foods and make them a part of your Sea Pantry! 


I LOVE to buy wild caught, Fair Trade certified Atlantic scallops from the east coast of the U.S. They make a great quick meal as they thaw quickly, can be patted dry, and then seasoned and seared in minutes!


Found in the North Pacific Ocean, the Alaskan Cod is a cold-water dweller with a characteristic chin barbell (kind of like a goatee!) thought to help it sense the ocean floor. These fish are generally very sustainable when caught with the correct gear and in U.S. waters.


A good alternative to salmon! Raised in raceway tanks in places like Idaho, these fish are incredibly sustainable and as nutritiously dense as salmon.

Photo courtesy of: Riverence Trout


These fish normally live in coastal waters but spawn in freshwater—although some populations are landlocked in freshwater lakes or rivers. Look for fish like the sustainably farmed, Pacifico Aquaculture striped bass, raised off the shores of Baja, California.


When raised in recirculating aquaculture systems, this fish can be inexpensive and very delicious with a clean flavor. Confirm that the tilapia you’re buying is responsibly raised with low-input feed models and are hormone-free.


If you can find this, it’s one of the most important recovery fish from the West Coast—yellowtail rockfish are found in the eastern North Pacific, from Alaska to San Diego, California. They inhabit rocky reefs or sloping shores and like to hide amid cracks and crevices on the seafloor. Plus they make THE BEST fish tacos! 

Photo courtesy of: T.Tseng

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