How to Organize Your Pantry From the Sea

Do you get excited when you open your pantry? For me, it’s not just storage for kitchen goods – it’s my treasure trove of beautiful, wholesome ingredients that inspires me to cook, experiment, and have fun. 

 I also like to define the “pantry” as everything in your refrigerator, freezer, AND cabinets, which you use to build a delicious meal. Stocking a good pantry saves you time in the grocery store and contributes to you utilizing more of what’s there and wasting less. 

Taking the first steps is easy! Roll up your sleeves and figure out WHAT is there, and HOW LONG it has been there. Once you have cleaned things out, mark what remains with “use by dates.”  

Now you can begin to build your Pantry from the Sea – a pantry that will not only inspire you to cook more, but will also contribute to your health, well-being, and the oceans.

A Guide to Organizing Your Kitchen

Setting the Scene

Put your work clothes on, a few trash bags out, and your favorite playlist ready. Most of us have been shopping for food for years and never bother to clean out the old stuff, so go by these guidelines as you work your way to a clean, fresh pantry:

JB clean your pantry
JB Clean your pantry