What is a Sea Pantry?

When it comes to health foods, the ocean delivers! Fish, seafood, and seaweed are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are important nutrients for supporting heart health.  But foods from the ocean – when farmed or caught sustainably – also bring big benefits to the environment.

For the sake of both human health and ocean health, it is time for us to get a taste of the SEA. If we can commit to keeping these items on hand, we can expand our palates and improve the planet at the same time. 

What Items to Keep On Hand?

Take a look at my Pantry from the Sea – a treasure trove of beautiful, sustainable kelp, sea vegetables, fish, and shellfish (as well as personal care items and even pet treats containing ingredients from the sea) that support healthy living and healthy oceans. 

And if you think there’s anything I should add to this ever-growing list, please do share it with me!

Dried Seaweeds, Rubs and Sprinkles

Pasta and Grains

Basics for the Refrigerator and Freezer

Shelf Stable Items

Pet Products

Personal Care

Where to Find

Here are a few shops that offer an amazing selection of sustainable seafoods: 

Hog Island Oyster Co. 

Maiden NYC


How to Get Started

Taking the first steps is easy!
Learn how to best clean out and organize your pantry.


Seaweed Caviar on Pressed Puffed Pastry with Crème Fraiche

Seaweed Caviar on Pressed Puffed Pastry with Crème Fraiche

When Top Chef Star Michelle Minori introduced me to seaweed caviar, I was blown away. One of my favorite ways to enjoy regular caviar is on a puffed pastry with crème fraiche, and I saw no reason not to try the seaweed caviar this way. And truly, it was just as good!

Recipe: Seaweed, Leek, and Brioche Stuffing

Recipe: Seaweed, Leek, and Brioche Stuffing

While seaweed may seem like an unusual choice for stuffing, I am really loving the umami it adds. And for any custard-recipe, sea greens can provide an extra depth of flavor!

Yellowtail Thai Green Curry

Yellowtail Thai Green Curry

If you order a Thai Green Curry at a restaurant, chances are you’ll have the option of getting it with a meat like chicken or pork or possibly shrimp (also a yummy option), but I LOVE a curry with a beautiful FISH. I was craving a warm bowl with Thai flavors, so I made one at home and added in yellowtail loins—an essential fish in my freezer “Sea Pantry.”