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With thousands of products released onto store shelves every year, you work to ensure your food product is the one a consumer picks up and takes home with them. Whether you’re looking to market a brand new food, an exciting line extension, or you’d like to breathe life into an established product line-up, Jennifer Bushman is your answer. She has the ability to embody your brand and its offerings in an engaging and articulate way. A true teammate with decades of experience across lifestyle brands, Jennifer will work with you to ensure your message is conveyed in a customer friendly way to ultimately drive sales and get folks in the door.

Her passion and specialty is dedicated to sustainable aquaculture. Jennifer believes sustainable aquaculture is the future of fish and seafood and the only way to ensure healthy, ocean-friendly marine proteins in the future — is to share the stories of our devoted water farmers with the world. She has experienced the challenges and victories at every level of the supply chain and knows what it takes to get your brand or program recognized by not only consumers but industry leaders as well. From egg to plate - there’s a unique story to be told and Jennifer is here to help you tell it to the world.

As an experienced product spokesperson, Jennifer will share her passion and love of food with tips and tricks picked up over the course of 25 years in the food industry. She’s well known for her content driven approach that connects the consumer with a brand in a meaningful way. She educates and inspires consumers to create fabulous dishes with your products in their own kitchens.

Jennifer’s reputation in the food industry has made her a welcomed and recognized guest on major food shows nationwide. She has appeared on numerous national and regional TV news programs and lifestyle shows across the United States. Food journalists rely on Jennifer for her opinions and insights on food trends, experiences at food shows, and love to taste her latest culinary creation. She is at ease in conversations with food editors, sustainability directors and boards of directors as easily as a mother hoping to get her children to try seafood at dinner time!

After executing thousands of exciting food demos, hundreds of television appearances, and through her work with brands and retailers, Jennifer knows what resonates in the media. She easily tailors and tightens your brand’s message, whether it be for a placement in a 30-second television feature, blog post on a company website or in a feature for your newsletter, Jennifer’s undeniable passion for and love of food comes through… and is contagious!

You worked hard to get your product to store shelves, now make sure those brand promises come to life in all appearances and placements by choosing Jennifer as your brand advocate. Jennifer delivers an amazing combination of expertise and enthusiasm for your product in a genuine way.


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Jennifer Bushman believes that sustainable aquaculture is the future of fish and seafood and the only way to ensure healthy, ocean-friendly marine proteins in the future — is to share the stories of our devoted water farmers with the world. With roughly one-third of assessed fish populations being over-fished and over half being fully-fished (FAO 2016) Jennifer’s passion to help shine a light on the important role sustainable aquaculture plays in fostering a clean environment both at sea and on land has intensified. She has experienced the challenges and victories at every level of the supply chain and knows what it takes to get your brand or program recognized by not only consumers but industry leaders as well. From egg to plate - there’s a unique story to be told and Jennifer is here to help you tell it to the world.

Brands Working with Jennifer — Verlasso, RainForest Tilapia, Blue Ocean Mariculture, Pacific Catch, Pacifico Aquaculture and Fair Trade U.S.A. Fish and Seafood. Board Positions — Board of Directors for Love the Wild, Business Advisory Board for Seafood Nutrition Partnership, Board of Directors for Culinary Coastal Academy, Board of Directors for James Beard Taste Foundation - San Francisco, CA.



Every story has a beginning. For Jennifer, it all began when she decided to share her vast knowledge and help those better understand how to make their way around the kitchen. Her culinary drive began with a childhood filled with excellent home cooks. Her mother and grandmother both encouraged her natural curiosity in the kitchen, and by age eight, she was already showing signs of the innovator she would become by fine-tuning her grandmother’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.

After gaining a communications degree at the University of Colorado and with small children at home, Jennifer put that fine-tuned cookie recipe to good use by selling small batches of cookies for extra income. This recipe has now become one of her many trademarks.

By 1995, requests for people clamoring for Jennifer to host cooking lessons led to the creation of Nothing To It! Cooking School in her home. Demand for her classes exploded, and one year later, Jennifer raised $1.5 million to build the present 6,000 square foot Nothing to It! Culinary Center. The Center opened in 1998, featuring a cooking school, demonstration kitchen, gourmet deli with catering and a kitchen store.

“As a working mom, I was finding less and less time to put creative, healthy food in front of my kids,” says Debbie Grayson, a Nothing To It! graduate. “Jennifer taught me simple solutions that allowed me to enjoy fixing hearty meals for my family.”

Today, Jennifer still has a passion for her roots. Since opening the Culinary Center, she has taught more than 3,000 cooking classes and continues to across the country. Her passion for teaching have won her nominations for the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) Avocational Cooking School Award of Excellence, IACP Cooking Teacher of the Year.

“Jennifer is one of the most passionate people about food and wine I have ever encountered in my life,” says John Ash, two time James Beard award winning cookbook author and chef. “Her enthusiasm and teaching skills for food and cooking make her a lot of fun to be around. I see her in the spotlight – and that’s what it’s all about.”

Jennifer is available for cooking classes and workshops. She has taught in front of groups as large as 1,000 people and as small as one on one. She is an innovator that can help create everything from special corporate events through a culinary message to a class for a special occasion!.

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Looking for the perfect speaker for your next culinary team meeting or food industry event? With more than 25 years of experience in the food industry, Jennifer Bushman will create an exciting presentation where her passion for and love of food topics shines through. Her engaging personality and vast knowledge of cooking fundamentals and technique, the importance of taste and flavors, and the overall industry make her the perfect speaker for a culinary team meeting or food event.

Whether you’re looking for a quick introductory piece or a tailor-made presentation that applies specifically to your company or unique product line-up, Jennifer is happy to share her insight and expertise in the food industry. She will take an in-depth look at all of the exciting new tastes and trends in the food world, and she will share insights of what products will be emerging, developing, existing, and of importance to your team, your product category, menu, company, or event participants in the near future.

Interested in having Jennifer for your next event or engagement? Here are just a few of the ways she’s presented in the past:

Engage and Inspire your Culinary Students - When speaking at culinary colleges, Jennifer loves nothing more than to engage culinary students with her own journey and experiences. She offers up inside knowledge and an overall perception of the industry that will inspire and open doors for the next generation of culinary professionals.

Add a Motivational Twist to Your Corporate Event - Corporate events are always a source of inspiration. Jennifer uses her experience as executive chef, culinary executive, and culinary spokesperson to provide a unique perspective to both attendees and their guests.

Inspire and create - Ideation sessions - The latest food trends are often hard to predict and identify, but these trends affect every element of the food purchase choices we make. Inspire your team and culinary staff at ideation session or provide your company with an accurate update on the food industry led by Jennifer.



These “edible vacations” are designed around a group that you choose. Ideally with 5-10 people, this hands-on cooking experience takes you to a desired location and provides you with a full hands on cooking vacation. Most tours include at least four hands-on cooking classes and multiple day trips led by local foodies. The goal is to provide a back door experience with access you could never gain on your own. Jennifer designs these experiences to fit individual budgets and whatever travel level you would like. Past trips have included Ireland, an immersive Cordon Bleu experience, Australia, Kauai and much more. If your dream is to truly connect with the food cultural experience, then this tour is the one for you.


At Route to Market, we host culinary events in varying locations each year. We offer cooking classes perfect for corporate entertaining, team building and closing dinners and for personal celebrations such as birthdays, rehearsal dinners, or special reunions. Combining the best elements of a cocktail party, a cooking class and an informal banquet, our cooking parties and group cooking events are an easy, seamless option when you want to celebrate and entertain a group.

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Kind Words

Let’s work together to create something truly unique….

  • “I’ve known Jennifer Bushman for nearly 20 years. She is one of the most energetic and talented culinarians that I’ve ever met. She is gifted with an intuitive sense of how flavors can work together and is able to apply that knowledge across a wide spectrum of applications.”

    John Ash
    Two-time James Beard Award winning chef and author , Santa Rosa, CA
  • “Jennifer has been incredible to work with. The client seems to engage in her natural ability to find solutions to difficult problems. She always ensures that any project she is accountable for is extremely well done.”

    Jennifer McKenna
    Change Agent, Strategist, Facilitator, Non-profit Executive
  • “Jennifer and I have worked together for nearly two decades. Jennifer is quick-minded, very strategic and highly organized. She has the capacity to take on complex projects and manage them in a balanced, savvy and efficient way.”

    Chadwick Boyd
    L&D Enterprises, Inc.
  • “Jennifer is truly one of the most impressive consulting colleagues with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure of partnering. She knows every facet of the culinary world - from retail sales dynamics to gourmet food preparation. Our clients have really benefited from her expertise and tireless energy.”

    Mark Galibraith
    Vice President at Addis
  • “Route to Market has been an indispensable member of and contributor to the Verlasso® business. From the initial brand building stages, they took an active role in bringing creative and inventive ideas to the brand. They are a constant stream of ideas that showed a thoughtful and deep understanding of the food community.”

    Renee Henze
    Global Brand Manager, Verlasso® Salmon
  • “Jennifer Bushman has been an invaluable partner for me and for Heinen’s in launching the Verlasso Salmon program at our stores. She creates innovative programs that we share with our customers. Jennifer and Route to Market has boosted our seafood business exponentially!”

    Marty Gaul
    Heinen’s Seafood Director

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